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Welcome To Kuching, Sarawak!
Selamat Datang Ke Kuching, Sarawak!

Kereta Sewa Terbaik di Kuching !

Instant Confirmation

Are you rushing? No worries! Get instant confirmation for your booking instantly by directly contacting us. After bookings are made, your booking are secured and you're good to go!

Book Now, Pay Later

We are using 'Book now and pay later' method which ease you to make bookings. Pay car rental fee when you recieve your car. Prices are standardise for all and lowest in town! Worry no more!!

Free Delivery To All Locations Within Kuching, Sarawak

We deliver your car anytime and everywhere in Kuching for free! Hustle free, sit back and relax. We deliver it for you.

24Hr Support

Broke down? CALL US NOW! We provide 24hr emergency support for you anytime and anywhere in Kuching, Sarawak and just for our beloved customers.

4 Easy Steps Car Rental Process With Us!
  1. Contact Us - Contact us (Call/Whatsapp) to check the availability and request for qoutations.
  2. Book - Book with us with booking fee for confirmations. Set the date, time, and pick up location.
  3. Pick up - Pickup your car and pay full car rental fees.
  4. Return - 30 minutes before returning, contact us. We will be there within minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What you'll need to bring to collect the car?

When you pick up your car, you'll need:

1. Driver's Licence: Generally, the licence needs to be held for at least 2 years with no major endorsements. Any additional drivers also need to present their Full Driver's Licence.

2. Cash or Credit Card: Bring cash or valid credit card in the name of the Main Driver and with sufficient funds must be presented to charge the car rental fee. 

3. Identification Card: A valid identification card or a passport or any other forms of identification must be presented to the car rental company.

What are the driving licence requirements?

You will need to bring your driving licence with you to pick up your hire car.

Car hire companies expect drivers to have held their full licence for at least two years. Provisional licences and Copy version aren't accepted.

When you hire a car abroad in some countries you will need an International Driving Permit (IDP), as well as your own driving licence.

What are the age requirements for hiring a car?

Minimum age requirements are must be 18 years and older and should have a valid driving licence.

What payment methods are accepted?

You can book your car with us using cash/online transfer/credit card/debit card. You will be informed about the payment methods that are accepted while you're booking.If your reservation is paid by someone other than the lead driver, you may need to supplement evidentiary material when the booking is reviewed for some security reasons.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For online transfer payment method, you need to provide evidence such as a screenshot of successful online transfer reciept to us.

Will I have to leave a deposit when I pick my car up?

Yes. At pick-up, you need to leave a security deposit and pay full payment to us. You need to leave a deposit in case the car is damaged or stolen during your rental. The deposit amount will be held for the duration of the rental. As long as you bring the car back undamaged at the end of the rental, the money will be returned within during the return.

Can I take the hire car to another country (Kalimantan,Indonesia)?

No, we dont allow you to take our car to cross border. But, we allow our car to be driven outstation with fee.

Outsation Fees: 
Serian - RM 50
Sri Aman - RM 150
Betong - RM 200
Sarikei - RM 250
Sibu - RM 300 
Bintulu - RM 450
Miri - RM 500

IMPORTANT NOTE: Outstation fees are one time payment only. No matter how many days are you outstation, you only pay this fixed amount to us. 

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